Summer 2022: Epic Journeys

Illustration depicting the Epic Journey

Journey of a lifetime

The Epic Journey builds on Earlham’s strengths in the liberal arts—while allowing students to make their own paths.

Kendra Parker in a group photo with other LIFT participants in Hawaii

Here to thrive

How does Earlham put college within reach of underrepresented students and help them to make the most of it?

Bennett Murray on scene in Ukraine


After war disrupted his journalism fellowship in Russia, Bennett Murray ’12 spent 90 days on the ground in a defiant Ukraine.

Tom Gottschalk sits with other faculty

Here’s to Tom

President Anne Houtman and peers reflect on Tom Gottschalk’s service with the Board of Trustees.

President Anne Houtman gives speech at NSO

President’s Message

The Epic Journey frames the Earlham experience as we celebrate the past and look to the future.

An Earlhamite sticks their tongue out in this black and white photo from history

Wild, weird and wonderful at Earlham

In 175 years a lot of curious things have happened at Earlham College. We’re looking back on them, together.

Cynthia Corsi '39 playing piano

The long view

A centenarian alumna—and Richmond native—recalls her College days. 

Earlham School of Religion

News from ESR

Gretchen Castle, Dean of the Earlham School of Religion, shares her thoughts on ESR and the impact graduates make on the world.

Faculty members play drums at recent all faculty retreat

Faculty Activities →

Recent faculty accomplishments.

Earlham baseball team

Sports Spotlight →

Let’s go, Quakers! There’s a sport coming back to campus, and it has its skipper, Stacey Goyette.

Commencement photo gallery

View photos from the commencement ceremony of the Class of 2022.

Class Notes & In Memoriam

What are your favorite fellow Earlhamites getting up to? This round of notes includes those submitted before May 1.

Homecoming & Inauguration

Spring colors

Earlham Scene: While music played loudly on The Heart, Bella DeJoy ‘23 and Aruna Bharati ‘25 were two of many students who threw colored powders at each other in celebration of Holi, the Hindu Festival of Colors. The annual festival marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring.

Last Word

What was your finest hour at Earlham College? Our graduates tell their stories of singing on skates, climbing into abandoned buildings, and starting a campus wide game of zombie-themed tag.

For Good.
Spark good—
For Good.