March 17, 2023

President’s message: Good to grow

Just when it feels like winter will never end, the seed packets start to arrive in my mailbox—and with them, the promise of new life, long summer days, warmth.

The author and farmer Stanley Crawford writes, “To dream a garden and then to plant it is an act of independence and even defiance to the greater world.” In times like these, planting seeds defies the harshness and darkness that surround us.

Soon, green shoots will emerge from the small pots of soil that crowd my windowsill, reaching toward the light.

At Earlham, a similar type of cultivation is happening—in defiance of the challenges that surround us, we are focused on growth. We, too, are reaching toward the light.

With that in mind, I am excited to announce Earlham’s most ambitious fundraising effort ever, For Good: The Campaign for Earlham College.

On page 12 you will read about our strategic priorities and how those are reflected in the campaign: widening the path to Earlham, enriching the Epic Journey, and elevating the student experience. We’ve selected these areas because they strengthen what is essential to Earlham, enabling us to put our vision into action and grow from the
achievements of the past.

Our brilliant alumni have reached the highest tiers of artistry, put astronauts on the moon and laid open the mysteries of viruses. They have worked to bring peace to the world and have stood on principle despite the costs. They have shown the world all of the good that Earlhamites can do.

As I often say, the world needs more Earlhamites, and with the continued support of our faithful and generous community of alumni and friends—all of you—the world will get them. I invite you to join us in this vision for growth. To help us plant the seeds for the future.

To help the next generation of students flourish.

Anne M. Houtman headshot

Anne M. Houtman

President of Earlham College

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For Good.
Spark good—
For Good.